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Used Pocket or Regular Sized Cornets & Trumpets for Sale

Modern Pockets: In the course of doing my informal research on currently available pocket trumpets, I often acquire perfectly good instruments that I don’t need to keep long-term.  Vintage Pockets: Occasionally I will find a better example of a vintage instrument, and opt to sell the first horn. Please read the descriptions closely, and note that the price is the best indication of either the playability and quality (if a fairly new horn), or collectibility (if vintage).   Please do not email me and ask how one plays compared to another, as it’s too subjective. Again, the price will be your best guide.

Please, with vintage and antique instruments, understand these are not the same as modern horns. If you aren’t familiar with the challenges presented with vintage, then it may be best for you to stick to new ones. 

TERMS:  All sales are final.  I will not accept any returns.  Payment via Paypal only, and shiping will be in addition, via UPS. Foreign buyers MUST contact me first to make sure I can easily ship to that country, and accept payment via Paypal.   I will not falsify any customs documents, so please do not ask.

TO PURCHASE:  Email me first to confirm availability and obtain shipping estimate  so that payment can me made.


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