Pocket Cornets and Pocket Trumpets Wanted.  Also vintage catalogs or photos showing pocket cornets and pocket trumpets.

As a collector, obviously I am interested in purchasing (or trading for) nearly any vintage pocket cornet, almost regardless of condition.  I would also consider some pocket trumpets as well.

I am looking for pocket cornets made by the following companies

• C.G. Conn, Elkhart, Indiana
• Courtois
• Salvation Army (Salvationist Publishing)
• Higham
• Distin & Co.
• F. Besson (Paris or London)
• Hawkes & Son
• JTL - Jerome Thibouville Lamy
• J.W. Pepper (Maker or Importer)
• Missenharter, New York
• Pelisson, Lyon
• DEG (Donald E. Getzen) if more than 15 years old
• Holton C-150
• Boosey & Co., London
• E. Benge, Los Angeles
• D. Calicchio, Los Angeles

• AND ANY OTHERS not listed

If you have a cornet that you think is a Pocket design and may be vintage, please contact me.  It is best to include digital photos saved in .JPG format in as high resolution as possible. Take both sides, the bell engraving, and any damage.  If there is a case, please photograph that as well.

Vintage Literature
I am also very interested in any vintage catalogs or advertisements (originals, good quality copies, or high resolution scans) which show any Pocket Cornet. Please contact me with what you have to sell (originals) or share (copies or scans).

Vintage Photographs
Photographs of musicians holding or playing pocket cornets/trumpets are more rare than the horns themselves. I am interested in purchasing such photographs or obtaining high resolution scans for my collection.

Contact Nick DeCarlis, collector


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