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Anon. “French Bell” Pocket Cornet • 1910 - 1935

This beautiful pocket cornet is interesting on many levels.  First, it is “French Bell” configuration (valve cluster on far left, bell in middle, leadpipe on right).  The only pocket cornets I’ve seen with this cofiguration are Bessons; both 19th century as well s the 1930’s MEHA models.

Second, it has a fixed leadpipe (no shank).  Nearly all pocket cornets made before WW2 have shank designs

The combination of French Bell and fixed leadpipe make this cornet very difficult to venture a guess as to when it was produced. 

Finally, in spite of it being a fine quality instrument, there is no maker’s mark.  The owner purchased this in Germany.  If you have seen a similar design, please let me know.

(Photos courtesy of Masaru Nakamichi)


Length : 240 mm (9.45 inch)

Bell diameter : 95 mm (3.74 inch)

Bore : 11.30 mm (0.445 inch)


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