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DEG Pocket Cornet • c. 1970

I have been aware that DEG (Donald E. Getzen) has made pocket cornets and trumpets for some time, but had not seen one until now. The owner has had the valves overhauled and replated the silver as well, with beautiful results. His inquiries with DEG indicate that their pockets were made by either Blessing or Allied, around 1970. Yet this example is nearly identical (down to small details) to other pocket cornets I have seen manufactured in West Germany since WW2. In fact, I’m nearly positive this was made by Alexander (Mainz), as I have acquired photos of an Alexander pocket which is identical. I have also acquired an identical but unmarked pocket, which indicates the maker was willing to let these go out sans maker’s ID, which also suggests a willingess to “private label” the horns for others.

(Photos courtesy of Lee Isdell)

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