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Colin Music “Pocket Max” • 2006

These are made by Hoxon Gakki (Taiwan) for, and sold by, Colin Music of New York City.  It is all but identical to the Marcato Sophia, Phaeton, and now-unavailable LA Sax pocket trumpets (also made by Hoxon).  Hoxon now makes its own line of Carol Trumpets, with a different pocket trumpet design.

The quality is surprisingly nice for the money ($700 or so), with exceptional valves.  They play well, and have good intonation. This is as close as you will get to a Benge pocket trumpet, for a good deal less money.

Yet, at least on this particular Max, the main tuning slide needs to be pulled almost all the way out to reach A=440 – very puzzling.  This was verified with a variety of mouthpieces.  The only other drawback is that it is difficult to hold for some players. 

Note the unique polycarbonite mouthpice!

Oddly, my LA Sax does not have the tuning issue. It is a terrific player, and one of my most gig-worthy horns. I play it with a cornet mouthpiece (and adapter) for a fatter tone.

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