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Anon. Czechoslovakian (believed Bohland & Fuch) • c1928

This interesting pocket cornet is unmarked except for the stamping “CZECHOSLOVAKIA” (broken into two lines) on the shank receiver.  It has rather nice florial engraving on the bell surrounding a blank area which was obviously intended to be engraved with the eventual dealer’s name.

This cornet may look “typical” to you -- but that’s exactly why it’s significant. The design wrap is the same as the vast majority of modern pocket trumpets and cornets. At present, this is the earliest example I have located of this design. A slightly later dated example is the Couesnon design from 1934.

Since this design is nearly identical to the post-WW2 Amati pocket cornet, my belief is that it was constructed by Bohland & Fuch, which was one of the companies which became Amati in 1946. If anybody has a period Bohland & Fuchs catalog which shows the pocket cornet, I would very much like to hear from you.  Below is the catalog illustration from the 1928 Carl Fisher catalog.  Fisher mostly sold imports, and this is clearly the same instrument.

This cornet was built to high pitch, but the main tuning slide is scribed with pull-out markings and inscribed “LP.”


Length (shank removed): 8.5”

Bell Diameter: 3.625”

Bore: .453

Illustration from 1928 Carl Fisher catalog, clearly the same cornet with only minor variations.

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