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Boosey & Co. • no. 25147 / 25482 • 1880

Just 7.5” in length (shank removed), this tiny Eb cornet was known as a “Miniature” in literature of the day. Originally designed by Distin, production continued under Boosey, as well as with Distin’s new shops in the United States.  The cornet arrived in extremely rough condition as can be seen in the “before” shots.  To my surprise, the valves were not very worn, and it has been pronounced an excellent player by a friend proficient on Eb soprano cornet.

Here is what the surviving Boosey stock book has to say (courtesy Arnold Meyers):

According to the firm's archives [pistons books], the pistons were made by Derkinderen.

"Soprano Min" $4 Class A.

Batch of 6 (25142-7) given out 7 oct 1880; received 17 Nov 1880; made up 16 Nov 1880.

According to the firm's archives [instruments books], the instrument was made by Squire.
"E-flat Min Soprano", Class A.
Given out 16 Nov 1880; received 1 Dec 1880; given to polisher 1 Dec 1880; charged to Regent Street 23 Dec 1880.
According to the firm's archives [Boosey & Co Stock Books], "Soprano Cornet Min A10"; "To 1883"; "To 1884"; "To 1885"; "To 1886"; (sold by 31 Dec 1895).


Length (shank removed): 7.75” (overall) 7.5” (bell)

Bell Diameter: 3.375”

Bore: .450


Illustration from the January 1887 Henry Distin catalog, showing he was still making the same design in Philadelphia.

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