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Conn Parlor Model • no. 13488 • 1887

This was originally a long-term restoration project for a close friend.  I did all the repair work save for some special burnishing to remove the bell wrinkles, performed by Rich Ita. The flare did not match my mandrel, and Rich had to do it the hard way, on a dent shoe.  There wasn’t a part on the cornet that wasn’t damaged in some way, which required it to be completely disassembled. It was one of the longest and most challenging restorations I’ve ever done.

I did a fair bit of silver spot plating and also brush plated all the gold trim, including the bell engraving inlay.  This was how the horn was originally finished.

This is the second earliest known Conn Parlor model. Conn made it for many years thereafter, with only minor changes to the design.

Eventually, I made a reproduction hard shell case for it, based on Conn cases of that period.  Later, I acquired a second Conn Parlor made several years later, which still had its original case.  It was interesting to see which features I imagined correctly, or not. Both cases can be seen elsewhere on this site.


Length (shank removed): 8.5”

Bell Diameter: 4.25”

Bore: .452”

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