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C.G. Conn / N. DeCarlis 26A “Director” Pocket Conversion
no. 311469 • 1936 / 2008

This is a pocket conversion of Conn’s little-known prewar 26A Director cornet, which featured the same micro-tuner as the Victor. This was a professional grade cornet, unlike the very common postwar version. At top left, it is shown in raw brass.  Below shots show it finished, with a coat of gold-tinted lacquer by Mark Metzler (  While it wasn’t much a player before I started, I have to admit I was a little disappointed with how the completed conversion plays; rather stuffy.  I thought it might be partly due to the fold-back Bb/A tuning slide, so I constructed a conventional substitute slide (which extended forward past the bell rim) – and I found little difference, if any, in how it played.  It still looks good anyway!

Length (mpc. removed): 9.0”

Bell Diameter: 4.625”

Bore: .485

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