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Martin “Imperial” • 1938/2009 • serial no. 126994

Martin made some great “art deco” inspired horns in the 30s, and the Imperial model incorporated all of these design touches. This started out as an cornet, but ended up as a pocket trumpet; the mouthpiece receiver being the only real difference. I modified the original cornet mpc. receiver to make an adapter (and combined it with a re-machined trumpet mouthpiece shank) so I could still use my favorite cornet mouthpieces.  This is shown in the last shots.  Robb Stewart did the bell bending as usual, then I went to work creating a new design which actually owes more to the original mouthpipe wrap than it might appear at first glance. Note the gorgeous lacquer, tinted slightly so as to give a vintage effect. This was done by Mark Metzler (  This is a very nice player, with a large bell.  The tall valve block, combined with short length, gives it a very “circular” appearance, almost cartoon-like!

Length (mpc. removed): 9.0”

Bell Diameter: 4.75”

Bore: .452

VIDEO: Dr. Alvin Bernard demonstrates my Martin Imperial Pocket Trumpet.

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