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C.G. Conn / M. Metzler Victor LTD. Pocket Conversion no. 146382 • 1917 / 2008

This terrific pocket conversion was created by Mark Metzler, a vintage restoration specialist based in Elkhart, IN. Mark has a particular interest in Conn, and has quite a collection of very early Conn brass.  To our knowledge, this was the first attempt at converting the popular Victor (New Wonder) model to pocket configuration. My own, much different design was completed after this one.

Note that the original Bb to A linkage was modified to work as originally intended.  Mark also rebent the bell himself, making him one of a very small number of people who have successfully done this.

After converting, Mark had the instrument sandblasted, then silver and gold plated at Anderson Plating Co. This very cool cornet remains in Mark’s personal collection.

Length: 8.9”

Bell Diameter: 4.625

Bore: .462

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