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F.E. Olds / DeCarlis “Standard” • 1931/2008 • serial no. 3400

This is one of my best-playing pocket conversions. My gig horn is a similar Olds (although with hammered bell), so it seemed logical to try and make a pocket version of my favorite horn. I started with a damaged original (mouthpipe and valves had problems).  In addition to the usual bell-bending (again, by the guru Robb Stewart), I had to bend a new shorter mouthpipe, adhering to the unique Olds curves (bent in two dimensions) and shorten many other sections.  The greatest challenge was folding the third slide in such a way that looked “right” and fit a very small amount of open space.  The new double wrapped bell was also a success, in that it makes for pocket that is quite comfortable to hold while still affording access to the first slide thumb saddle.  I’ve just finished making a custom “Olds-like” hard case for it, and will also have the horn lacquered after that. 

Length (mpc. removed): 9.375”

Bell Diameter: 4.625”

Bore: .453 (Olds ML)

In-progress shots

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