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F.E. Olds / DeCarlis “Super” • 1951/2008 • serial no. 71362

Here’s my latest completed project, a re-imagining of the famous Olds “Super” cornet, a design which first appeared in the very early 30s, and was made into the 1960’s at the least. The Olds Super was well known for having a nickel silver “tone ring” along the bell rim, a very attractive feature. The first photo shows a representative Olds Super, but not the one I began with, which was a good bit shabbier.  The following shots show the actual donor horn disassembled, and in the early stages of reconstruction.

 I had to bend a new shorter mouthpipe and shorten many other sections. You can see the early stages of my work in the photos. After I had settled on the new configuration, I sent my work to expert Robb Stewart who rebent the original bell to match. On this case, Robb was able to utilize the original crook to become the bell branch.  While there isn’t anything too unusual about the design, I was pleased with the “just right” feel of the final design’s appearance, additionally, it is very comfortable to hold (not always the case with pocket cornets). It’s just back from being relacquered by Mark Mezler, who shot it with dye-tined lacquer for a vintage appearance. a technique he continues to perfect.

Length (mpc. removed): 9.0”

Bell Diameter: 4.625”

Bore: .469

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