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Appraisal Services

As a collector, it is a conflict of interest for me to provide appraisals, IF I am interested in acquiring that instrument for my own collection. However, if you have a vintage cornet or trumpet that is of no interest to me, and is within my area of expertise, I will provide a written evaluation/appraisal for a fee of $100.00, to be paid via PayPal.  Please E-MAIL me first with information about your instrument.

There are several likely reasons for an appraisal.

• To help you sell the instrument.

• For insurance purposes.

• The instrument has sentimental value, and you would simply like to know more about it.

Again, please email me first to be sure the instrument falls within my expertise.  Also, if I feel the instrument is worth less than $100, I will simply say so, without charging a fee. You may still want to pursue a written appraisal for the last reason above; let me know if this is the case.

I can provide the written appraisal via email as a PDF document, or as hard copy via US Mail.

PayPal payment of fee would be to the email address: [email protected].


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