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Pocket Conversions
When you can’t find any more vintage pocket cornets to add to your collection, what do you do? Make your own! These pocket cornets and trumpets were originally constructed in full-size configurations. All but three of these cornets are in my personal collection, and the conversions were done by me, Robb Stewart and Mark Metzler, as indicated—be sure to scroll down to see the horns made by Robb and Mark. This is a fairly complicated and time-consuming procedure. If you are considering having one made, be prepared for considerable cost (both Robb and Mark accept commissions). 

We share a common approach to our work: it should look like it could have been done by the original maker, in the time frame that the instrument was originally constructed. I’m frequently asked how these play. If care was taken in the conversion, the answer can usually be based on how the “donor horn” played.  If you start with a high quality instrument, this will almost always result in a pocket with similar (if not identical) attributes.

Nick DeCarlis Conversions

S.E. Shires / DeCarlis “Bambino Destino”
Severinsen Model Conv. 2009

C.G. Conn / DeCarlis “Connqueror” Conversion 1904 / 2008

Martin / DeCarlis “Imperial”
Conversion 1938 / 2009

Buescher / DeCarlis “400”
Conversion 1939/2007

C.G. Conn / DeCarlis 26A “Director” Conversion 1936 / 20080

F.E. Olds / DeCarlis “Recording” Conversion • 1971/2009

C.G. Conn / DeCarlis “New Wonder Bantam”
Conversion 1915 / 2008

Martin / DeCarlis “Troubadour” Conversion

F.E. Olds / DeCarlis “Standard” Conversion 1931/2008

F.E. Olds / DeCarlis “Super” Conversion
1951 / 2008

Robb Stewart Conversions

F. Besson / R. Stewart
“MEHA” Reproduction 1885 / 2006

Vincent Bach / R. Stewart
Stradivarius Conversion 1935 / 2008

Mark Metzler Conversions

C.G. Conn / Metzler “Victor New Wonder”
Conversion 1917 / 2008

F.E. Olds / R. Stewart “Military”
1930 / 2008

C.G. Conn / Metzler “Victor Special”
Conversion 1937 / 2009

C.G. Conn / R. Stewart 40B Vocabell Conversion 1935 / 2007


Boosey & Co. “Fabrication” Pocket Cornet

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