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My concert in Bridgewater, NJ was on October 21, 2006!


Vintage Cornets
This is my original cornet collecting web site, finally updated and streamlined (August 2009). It still contains a wealth of information, not available anywhere else. Started in 1998, there are hundreds of cornet models to examine—a great resource for the beginning or experienced collector.

Jazz Cornet
I created this site to promote myself as a jazz musician.  You can hear audio files and buy one of my CD’s, or find out how to book me or my group for your occasion.

Metzler Brass Repair
You may have noticed Mark Metzler’s name on these pages. He is a 30 year veteran brass tech, who specializes in vintage brass repair and restoration. Mark is a great guy who does excellent work!

Historic Brass Society

One of the earliest known pocket instruments, a Pask & Koenig pocket cornopean, c. 1850, from the Utley Colledtion.

If you have a cornet or trumpet by F.E. Olds & Son (either Los Angeles or Fullerton, California), please register it at this website devoted to collecting data on the great instruments made by this company. Click on the link below:

(sorry, I do not link to other collectors’ web sites)

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