AMATI • no. 675447 • c1960’s

AMATI has discontinued the production of this true pocket cornet, and now only makes a pocket trumpet.  This model is interesting in that it uses interchangeable Bb and A shanks, as most 19th century cornets did.  As such, it may be the last legitimate (i.e. non-counterfeit) pocket cornet made with this design.  Even the miniature hard case has a “vintage” look and feel to it. This example was purchased as “new old stock” -- it is clearly a few years old, but was never sold nor played.  Made in Kraslice, Czechoslovakia, the quality is mediocre in some respects, yet quite nice in other ways. They play fairly well, and the large bell throat provides a dark tonal quality. My chief complaint about this design is the lack of a place to put my right thumb while playing – the first valve slide is in the way.

Apparently AMATI has made these cornets for other dealerships as well. I own a “Windsor,” Hamburg, example, and have recently seen photos of another made for (and engraved) Rose Morris, London.

Note: An AMATI Pocket appeared on Ebay recently, with serial 810534, and the owner’s name and date engraved on it: 1973.  That would suggest my example dates to the 1960’s.


Length (shank removed): 9”

Bell Diameter: 3.75”

Bore: .438


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