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D. Calicchio • Los Angeles • 1983

My current knowledge base points to none other than Domenick Calicchio as being the father of the “modern” pocket trumpet.  He made what were probably the first examples in the late 1940s, and made at leat one other in the 1950s. Calicchio didn’t make many trumpets in total, and pocket trumpets were obviously a small percentage of those.

This example was made in the period following Domenick’s death, and I’ve been told this was a “rough patch” for the small company. This trumpet seems to bear this out, as the construction quality is average at best, and below average in certain respects.

However, the valves are excellent and it plays very well. Note the length, over ten inches, barely qualifying it as pocket by my “definition.”


Length (mpc removed): 10.25”

Bell Diameter: 4.75”

Bore: .457


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