Hakam Din & Sons Pocket Trumpet • no. 2802 • c1965

Hakam Din & Sons (Pakistan) has been making pocket cornets of respectable quality for many decades. The company was founded in 1910, but I have not been able to determine when they began making pocket cornets and trumpets.  They still make this same model pocket trumpet, and claim to only make 15 or so, per month, by hand.

This example was made specifically for, and sold by Phil Kirschenbaum through his New York CIty dealership, West Manor Music.  The presence of a 2-digit postal code in the dealer address indicates manufacture prior to 1964.  It was purchased by its original owner by mail during the mid-60’s. Apparently these were sold through magazine ads – has anybody seen any? That would tell me when they were made, and what they sold for when new. 1970’s correspondence from Mr. Kirschenbaum suggests he imported around 30 per year, which he did beginning in the late 50’s, continuing until at least 1979.  I know that he had a pamphlet -- I would like to find a copy.

While this takes a trumpet mouthpiece, I have seen earlier Hakam Dins which are cornets, utilizing a shank & receiver setup.  Note that the construction is mixed brass with nickel-silver for straight tubing and other parts.  I find the proportions very pleasing, and have the strong sense that if you played five of these, two might be very nice players.


Length: 8.75”

Bell Diameter: 3.5”

Bore: .455

Hakam Din & Sons ”La Petite” • no. 7388 • c1970’s

This example was also made specifically for a New York CIty dealership.  The presence of a 5-digit zip code in the dealer address indicates manufacture after 1965, until as late as 1980 or so.  I’m hoping somebody will be able to tell me when they purchased a similar cornet from the same store, whether in person or by mail order.

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“La Petite” pocket trumpets being made at the Hakam Din factory, circa 1950’s-60’s.

“La Petite” pocket
trumpet advertisement..

Newspaper article, February 3, 1963: trumpeter Harold Sauer playing his “La Petite” pocket cornet.