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Cantabile “Special Hand Made” • serial no. 8 • Ueno Gakki Mfg. Co.
Osaka, Japan • c1964

This pocket trumpet’s claim to fame is that it was supposedly played at the 1964 Olympics. While research has almost certainly disproved this, it does seem clear that it was purchased in Tokyo by famed trumpeter Manny Klein, and was later owned by big band and studio trumpeter Max Herman.

The following information was kindly provided by Kazuhiro Sanada, of Sanada & Co., Tokyo; via Robb Stewart:

Cantabile pocket trumpets were made by Ueno Gakki Manufacture Co. Ueno Gakki was a small company founded in 1892, and located in Osaka, Japan. Nonaka Boeki Comany was their distributor for Japanese market.

Cantabile pocket trumpets were developed by Tokio Ueno who was the third owner of the company. It was a small company and he made everything by himself. He not only made trumpets but also worked on the repair of brass instruments from the 1950s.  He developed the pocket trumpets in 1960s, and continued to make it until 1980s.

He discontinued making instruments in the 1990s, continuing with repair work only, until he closed down his shop in 2002. He was unable to find a successor, and passed away in 2005.

It plays very well, and has a very mellow tone.  It is complete with its original soft “camera case” gig bag.  At this time, I know of just three other examples in the U.S.  The final three photos show it next to my other example, serial number 51, so the differences are more apparent. I am keeping track of known serial numbers for Cantabile, so if you have one, please let me know.

Length: 7.75”

Bell Diameter: 4.0”

Bore: .450

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