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LA Sax • Hoxon Gakki Corp., Taiwan • no. 18126 • 2000

LA Sax did not make any trumpets, but rather “private labeled” instruments made elsewhere.  In this case the source is Taiwan.  This very nice pocket trumpet is identical to the Pocket Max, Fasch, and Marcato Sophia; all made at the same factory, Hoxon Gakki (now makers of Carol Trumpets).  This is an extremely playable instrument – in my opinion, it rivals the L.A. Benge, long the “gold standard” for professoinal pocket trumpets. In fact, I use my LA Sax pocket as my primary backup horn for gigs. While LA Sax no longer offers pocket trumpets, the other models mentioned are still available. I play this using my usual Yamaha 7D4d cornet mouthpiece with a cornet-to-trumpet adapter.


Length (mpc removed): 9.5”

Bell Diameter: 4.75”

Bore: .460 ML


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