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Frank Holton & Co. • no. 659506 • 2000

I was surprised to discover that Holton actually made two versions of the tiny C150. Vintage catalogs indicate that the first version was made at least as recently as 1982, and probably later. The example shown here was manufactured in September of 2000. My best guess at present is that the model was discontinued in 2004 as a result of the Conn-Selmer buyout of Holton/LeBlanc (actually all owned by Steinway).

The second version is slightly larger than the first (both length and bell diameter), and does not duplicate the proportions of the Distin “Baby” cornet as cloesly.

One odd feature is that the valve casings are numbered in reverse from the norm (first valve is “3” and so on).

Note: this instrument is not for sale, nor do I know of any Holton C150’s for sale. It is is no longer being manufactured.

Length (mouthpiece removed): 7.75”

Bell Diameter: 3.75”

Bore: .452

1982 Holton Catalog, note
earlier design proportions

At some date after 1982 the design changed (see “modern pocekts”)

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